Johanna Michaelsen -Formerly Deceived

For many years she was caught up in the occult, yet she believed that the “angels” who reached out to her were servants of God, not Satan. One of those “angels” sounds strangely similar to Bentley’s “floating” angel, Emma:

“She was beautiful with flowing hair and robes of shimmering dark blue spangled with tiny stars ...She took me by the shoulders and gently kissed me on the forehead. ...‘Welcome, my child,’ she said. Then she turned and floated back through the wall as she had come. I had never experienced such joy, such light and peace, such unspeakable ecstasy. I was on the right path at last.”

No, she was tricked! Masquerading as an “angel of light,” Satan used her feel-good experiences to deepen the deception.

Through those painful years, Johanna’s “fellowship” with demons brought her indescribable depression and despair. The enchanting moments of light were fleeting, while fear and confusion darkened her days. And she would continue to suffer under that cruel master until, in His perfect time, God set her free.

-Excerpted from her book, “The Beautiful Side of Evil”

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