If it were only because of the fact that Bentley has a spirit guide, that alone would be enough for me to recognize that he’s in gross error. But there’s so much more...

Who Is Todd Bentley?

He is an ex-Satanist, a pierced and tattooed “signs-and-wonders” guy, and a man who gets messages from angels, particularly one named Emma.

He does not open the Bible and preach.

When he is "under the anointing" he can cause tumors to "explode," he says. The Holy Spirit told him to kick a lady in the face with his biker boot so he did so. (WHO told him that???)

If he tries to deal with someone he thinks might be demonized, he gets nothing short of violent, virtually choking a man he is trying to exorcise. He also gets violent when he uses the word "bam."

What started in April 2008, at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, is now spreading everywhere. And sadly, hungry people are falling for it.

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